My name is Maartje Mulder. I’m 24 years old and currently finishing my masters. I’d describe myself as being very resourceful and ambitious at the same time. I really enjoy hanging out with a wide variety of people from all over the world. I’m comfortable adjusting to any situation and don’t get flustered easily when faced with unexpected challenges. 

The role of dreams and what they really are is something that’s still largely unknown to me. But this leaves me with room to dream. 

Dreaming is important for everyone. It provides perspective, and ultimately something to live for. 

At the moment, I am fully focused on finishing my course of study, a double masters in Economics and Law. Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time abroad – in places like Hong Kong and New York, and Tel Aviv. My youth gave me the freedom to experiment and experience, and through it I’ve developed to be truly responsible and independent. Moving between each of these foreign capitals, I discovered what it means to be ‘street smart’ – not just how to navigate foreign language, cultures, or hail a cab, but how to take the initiative and taking action. With your eyes closed it will only be dreams, if you open your eyes you let your dreams come to life. 


Sometimes people think it all just happens to me. Maybe it seems so, but they do not see that behind every admission or selection is a lot of time, energy and perseverance. Also, I don’t do it all alone, my parents and friends have often helped to make things come true. 

Whether I am what I dreamed about 5 years ago? No definitely not!

I always dream big and have a great imagination.

I used to want to become a top hockey player and now I can dream of a top career and be successful at a young age. Maybe quite unrealistic and idealistic but that’s what dreams are for. In reality, it is better not to make it too difficult for yourself, start with something small. Every step is one, no matter how small this step is. It brings you closer. 

Dreaming is allowed, but try not to turn it into desires, life is too unexpected for that, we cannot predict life. 

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