My mother always tells me about the time when I was a little girl and had a fantasy-friend, whom I spoke to all day. We did everything together, we ate together, played together, and I was never alone. She was a constant daydream. One day, My fantasy-friend had to make room for my sister. The day then came that my friend left, but my talent and love for daydreaming never did. A perfect world is what I love to create, a world where everything goes as planned, the world of caliente.
The world of caliente is a place where I translate my ideas into images, drawings and products. By using graphic design I seek to create outstanding modern images.
Unpredictable and unique combinations immediately form in my mind when I see certain color, materials or people. Caliente is a reflection of this world. It is a world where women can come together and share inspiring stories. Beside a brand, it is also a place where you can be inspired by pictures and art. Become a dreamer by wearing our products or just by dreaming, so you can be a part of mine.

~ Noor

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