When pondering the exact definition of “a dream”, I found myself growing more and more confused. What exactly is a dream? Does everybody have dreams? And why do we dream? Naturally, I turned to google for advice. When entering “dream” into the search bar and reading Google’s suggestions, it struck me how the word “dream” is often used as an adjective. Dream job, dream guy, dream body, dream car. If I am to believe Google, a dream is defined as the ultimate personal accomplishment. 

For some people, this may very well be a job, guy, body or car. But what are my dreams?

It’s only when contemplating this question that I realized how much my dreams have changed. I’ve always been a dreamer, but over the past decade the nature and essence of my dreams have changed dramatically.

I distinctly remember my adolescent years being packed with dreams of moving to New York City, becoming a topnotch surgeon while maintaining a body ready for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I dreamed of being famous, the best of the best, and to be admired like the people I admired. That would make me happy, right?

Thankfully, my dreams have changed somewhat. Through growing up, a little more life experience and travelling, I’ve come to a few conclusions about life that have made my dreams a lot less complicated. I no longer dream of the most amazing career or materialistic nonsense.  

Nowadays, I’d say my biggest dream is living an authentic, happy life without letting fear or regret hold me back.

I dream of making people around me happy and experiencing as much as possible. I dream of collecting memories rather than materials, cliché as it may be, and becoming a better person through it. But most of all, I’d say I dream of being content. I’ve always admired my mother for needing very little to be content. She can sit in the garden for hours, just ‘being’. I envy that. I dream of living life day by day, not constantly thinking about next week or next year. An amazing job and car would be nice, yes, but if I can live my life, however long that is, being happy and content no matter the circumstances, I’d say that would be my ‘ultimate personal accomplishment’.

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